Are you fighting about these things? Your relationship might be doomed

Who hasn’t dreamt with a long-term relationship? You finally have managed to find somebody to start a relationship with, everything seemed to go ok, but lately you keep on starting fights. It is said that fights are healthy in a relationship. Right. Although, are all fights healthy?. Well apparently there[…]

Valentine’s Day: Discover the love trends during the most romantic day of the year

Valentine’s Day has arrived and we want to take this unique opportunity to give you an insight about which are the dating trends during the considered most romantic day of the year. Check out our monthly dating infographic and the animated video to find out about people’s dating habits in[…]


The power of a kiss in 8 steps

Kisses are very powerful… they can also be very different from person to person, depending on the feelings, depending on the mood… The truth is that who hasn’t stored in the most precious place in their memories some of their best kisses. But did you know some of the most[…]


#Video – Are you ready for the best time for online dating?

The best season for online dating has just started! Are you ready to make the most of romance and winter? You might be wondering why is this season, that goes from the 25th of December until the 15th of February called The sweetest time for online Dating. Well it turns out that[…]

EliteSingles vs. Zoosk: which one to choose?

If you have decided that the time to meet other South Africa singles has come, you have already done the first big step. The second step will be to try to look for the best dating site for you. That’s exactly where we come in handy… we have developed a complete[…]

The sweetest time for online dating

Yesterday, 3rd of January was considered the “National Holiday for single daters” according to media. An important date which opens the door to the beginning of the sweetest time for singles and online dating. Recognized dating sites such as Zoosk, C-Date or have stated that yesterday was the start[…]

#Video – The Cuffing Season: dating habits during winter

Winter is a great time for romances. Finding a new partner during the cold months, the popularly known as The Cuffing Season, is a dating tendency that has been increasing over the past decade. Dating sites play a key role as nowadays it is easier for South Africans who look[…]

2 basic traits to build a happy relationship

Love and long-term relationships, like almost everything good in life, require work, dedication and patience. However, despite putting a lot of work you might have found yourself in a situation in which your relationship doesn’t seem to evolve while others seem to thrive…- why ? What defines a happy relationship[…]

How does attraction work?

There have been several studies and even more theories on how attraction works between two human beings. The answers try to respond the thousand of questions that come up when we try to explain the intangible phenomenon of attraction. A very complex subject which is not easily understood, although all[…]

Venerating personal space in a relationship

Love can be very intense, sometimes perhaps too much. For the sake of showing your love you end up taking all the oxygen in a relationship and love becomes asphyxiating. Love can be a great ally to fight in life, although sometimes if love is not properly grown, it can also[…]