What to do after a breakup?

Recovering after separation is one of the hardest things to do. After spending so much time with their partner, many people find pretty hard to picture their life without that person who was meant to be the one and only one, but who, in the end, it seemed that it[…]


Banana Pudding for a romantic evening

Bananas, great allies for love and hormone production Bananas are a great food to boost your metabolism. Besides its phallic shape, bananas are known for containing high levels of bromelian, an enzyme which increases testosterone production. Added to that, bananas are also a great source for potassium and vitamin B[…]

#How To… Prepare your Dating Profile

Have you just started your online dating adventure ? Follow our mini-guide to learn all the tips and guidances in order to create a killing dating profile ! Dating Profiles are one of the most important elements of your online dating adventure. They will be your presentation card so other[…]


Dating in Cape Town

Cape Town is a very multicultural city surrounding by astonishing landscapes. A city that has been quoted many times by newspaper as one of the greatest places to visit on earth ! Fun and beauty can be found in Cape Town, and if you are trying to find love as[…]

Dating myth or reality? – People tend to look for highly attractive partners

Having a good appearance has always been important to attract a potential date. Nowadays, in the era of selfies and fake poses, it seems that the dating scene has gone to this extreme as well. Matchmaking sites and apps like Tinder, with its profile swiping tool that works as a[…]


How to get over a couple’s fight in 3 steps

  Love can be wonderful and being in a relationship can make you see life in a more positive way… a relationship can be exciting, full of romance, two beings feeling connected and in love…until there’s a fight. Couple’s fight tend to happen more often that most couple would like[…]


Dating as Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, was named by People magazine a breakthrough star in 2001 and she was also considered in 2006 one of the 50 Most Beautiful people. The actress started as a role model for children with her amusing roles in children and teenage movies. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that she[…]


BlueBerry French Toast

Blueberry for a healthy and romantic morning date Blueberries are known as the best natural antioxidant you can find. With high levels of vitamin C, Blueberries have also been praised for a long time as a natural aphrodisiac ! Not only it helps to lose weight and at to maintain[…]

#Video: Dating myth or reality? – Kissing on the second date

A first kiss should be unforgettable. There are many things a peck can tell you. Some people even consider if their date is boyfriend/girlfriend material taking into account the way they have been kissed. It is commonly said that singles prefer to wait to the second date to make a[…]

Online dating: addiction or pastime?

The Internet and the new technologies have shaped the way singles date nowadays. Finding a new partner no longer depends on destiny, being at the right place at the right moment, or on giving a chance to someone from your social circle who shares common views expecting to see what[…]