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What are you expecting for a first kiss?

Last Update : January 12, 2016

A first kiss can be a little be awkward, nobody’s perfect at kissing… Whatever happens during the first kiss doesn’t really matters, you are going to share a lot more kisses in the future 😉
A kissing experience should be pleasant, but still, each new partner is new experience… This first kiss can actually be wetter than expected or shorter than you thought. Depending on the people, kisses may involve lips and tongue, or not. There are many ways to give a kiss to your loved one… We will soon establish a list of the « famous kisses types », keep being posted!

If you are wondering if you are a good kisser, relax! Throw all negative thoughts away: just go with the flow. There is no code or guide, kisses are as unique as you are. It represents you. To reassure you, here are a few tips to not get totally out of the basics.

When shall I give the first kiss?

You will naturally find the right time for the first kiss: a pause during a conversation while you are both looking at each other‘s eyes. How to find that moment? Create it by making an eye contact…

Do I have good breath?

Do not overthink about it, especially if you just had dinner together and shared a garlic perfumed meal (if you both ate it, you’ll be fine). To reduce your anxiety, bring mints with you but don’t focus on it.

Lips & tongue or lips only?

Better to start with a light lips kiss to discover your partner and feel comfortable. Then, why not letting it come to the famous French kissing if you both like it. Your tongue can play its sexy game but it must not be the star of the show, if you don’t use it at all, it’s also perfectly fine.

Where do I put my hands?
Don’t waste this moment by keeping your arms on your sides! Your hands would find their place around your partner body: his neck or waist, even your partner’s cheeks (very romantic option)!

And if I laugh?
You might be nervous and it’s fine, it is also allowed to make a little joke to reduce the pressure. Don’t worry, your partner is probably as nervous as you are.

When do we stop?
As exciting as a kiss could be when it begins, it could also be quickly boring (or embarrassing) if it lasts too long. There are 2 options: whether you keep it magic by varying your style (advised to experienced kissers) otherwise, keep it brief (and memorable!). You will have plenty of opportunities to kiss him or her again.

You have now all the keys to be successful on your first (and the following) kiss. Remember that the better kisses come from the heart, not the brain! Needless to overthink them! Just enjoy it 😉