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Great Tips to get ready for a date

Last Update : January 12, 2016

You’ve just met someone and you are finally going out together! Especially if it’s your first date, we advise you to get fully prepared! Dating is still something important nowadays, it’s still your unique chance to make a good first impression. We have listed for you a few tips that could be useful if you’re coming to meet your miss or mister Right for the first time!

>> To get ready, better getting organized. A first date must be planed: where and when to go will help you choose what to wear and how to reach the right location.
>> If you plan to take your car, don’t forget to clean it!
>> Ladies: do not try too hard to make your date fall in love with you. Just be natural and enjoy the moment!
>> Relax and be confident. Show your most amazing self.
>> Be honest! Even If you feel nervous, don’t try to hide it because your date should understand: he (or she) is probably as stressed as you!
>> People love graceful listener, especially women. Keep it in mind.
>> Dress-up a little bit to make a good first impression.
>> Check twice if you have correctly brushed your teeth, to look clean and avoid bad breath.
>> Prefer a casual and natural hairstyle that looks good instead of trying something new on that day!
>> Always have a “plan B” in case your date becomes awful… or an excuse to back out!
>> Do not relay on your date, bring some cash and your mobile phone, especially if you prefer taking a taxi to go back home.
>> Be honest: if you have not enjoyed your date, don’t lie. It’s better to say nothing.
>> A first date must take place in a public area, simply because you don’t know yet the person and its real intentions.
>> Trust yourself, if you feel something wrong or if you are suspicious, end the date.

in any case, our most basic advice remains : always listen to your heart!