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Zoosk: how to date Smarter?

Last Update : January 12, 2016

The Matchmaking system has revolutionized online dating. There are several kind of processes to evaluate compatibility between people, in order to let them know a potential love story could work between them, because they share lots of common points. We would like today to explain you why Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology is a unique engine to suggest you the best matches.

This tool is actually very smart as he is able to analyse dater’s searching trends. By paying close attention to its users’ habits, the matchmaking engine takes notes of a full range of details: preferences, messages sent and received, profiles viewed… The process leads Zoosk to know how to suggest you your favorite kind of matches. It also means that the more the users spend time on the dating platform, the most adjusted the results will be!

Every day, Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service™ selects a compatible profile according to yours and introduce it to you in order to multiply your opportunities to meet someone you might like. These potential matches are carefully selected regarding each « Zoosker » wishes and habits on the website.

Zoosk offers a very simple interface and, from that point, the member just has to answer if yes or no he is interested in being introduced or not. If both click « yes », the platform let them know their mutual interest. Then, Zoosk’s job is done, the rest depends on you…

Matchmaking dating websites have become very popular and specialized platforms, like Zoosk, offer a great value to their customers. They made you save a lot of time by doing most of the selection for you, and create a better experience to find love quickly.