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5 Rules for Seducing a Man Online

Last Update : March 29, 2016

Let’s face it- sometimes men are afraid. We all want to find “the one”, but there are times when it feels like that doesn’t exist. That’s not true, it just requires a little effort and you need to look in the right place. Of course once you’ve found someone, you’d better not mess it up, or he will become someone else’s “the one”-. Here are five rules on how to seduce a man online.

Avoid saying the phrases and words that can discourage men

We all want to find our soul mate. This is what most of us constantly have in mind. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily his opinion. You do not even know this guy, why would you start talking about plans for the future? Men do not think about the future. It is far too complex for them. They want to find a girl that do things and have a good time. If this becomes a long-term relationship, it’s a bonus.

Don’t talk about your problems or your bad luck

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is more demotivating for a guy than a girl who complains. Tell him about all your problems and he will ignore you. Always be positive.

Make him make an effort – Let him seduce you

Stop responding to men who are not willing to customize their emails to you or that do nothing more than simply send a “wink”. If the message they send to you has nothing to do with what’s in your profile, the chances are he as just copy pasted it. You are worth more than that. Make sure you get his full attention.

Avoid answering men who haven’t got a profile picture

You probably receive hundreds of e-mails from men who don’t have profile pictures. What are they hiding? Just tell them “send me a photo first.” If he does not send a photo, he’s not worth talking to. What has he got to hide? You deserve to know what the person you are speaking to looks like.

To seduce a man, don’t chase him

If you send an email to a guy and he does not answer – let it go. This shows that he is not interested or that he has no time for you. Either way, you’re better off without him.

So now you have the tools to seduce a man online, all you need to do is choose a dating site that suits your needs and start seducing.