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The Pro’s and Con’s of dating an older man

Last Update : June 21, 2016

Does age matter when dating? Few years ago, a study carried by Scottish psychologists showed that financially independent women were attracted to older man.

The “George Clooney Effect”, as it is popularly known, has substantially changed the dating game. Women with high standards are more confident when choosing their partners, and it seems they look for partners with years of experience behind them.

What exactly are the advantages, and disadvantages of having a serious relationship with an older man?


The traits women frequently look for in older men are confidence, maturity, and stability.

You do not need to worry of finding a partner who still is in that phase of finding the right career path or “finding himself”. He already is established. He has a career, a house, a car, and is financially secure.

In addition, age brings experience, and wisdom. Dating a man who has gone through many things has its positive sides: he already knows what exactly wants in life, and in your relationship. He knows what he likes, what he does not, knows how to deal with important issues, and is confident, and decisive when communicating his feelings.

The most important bit is that he probably knows what women want, and in many cases, he is not afraid of commitment.


One of the main disadvantages of dating a man who is older than you, is that he may be less open to changes, and kind of resilient to try new things. After many years, he is already set in his ways, so it can be difficult for you to break his habits.

Another negative point is that he often may feel that he is the one in charge in the relationship just because he has lived more than you. Here is when some men go from “giving you a nice advice” to “I tell you what exactly is best for you”. Undoubtedly, this can be a deal breaker in your relationship.

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