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Tips for a safe online dating experience

Last Update : June 29, 2016

Online dating is increasingly becoming an essential part in the life of a lot of singles. They are so popular and easy to register into that users tend to easily forget some of the basic rules to surf the online dating web with caution and without getting blinded by the excitement of eventual romance.

The most reliable dating websites often offer a comprehensive guide to ensure a safe user experience, although it has to be noted that it is not the case of all the dating websites, which is why is it very important to do a comparison of the best and most secured dating websites available on the market.

We recommend  below a couple of guidances to ensure your safety while you enjoy the thrilling game of online love.

Be careful with the information you provide

Never give more details than you need to ! And most importantly never give any of your personal contact details. Even though the most important dating websites have set strong measures to avoid fraud, there are still some resourceful people that will push to the extreme their skills to fool online users.

You have to always make sure that you only use the channels that dating websites offer you. They usually have a wide variety of secured communication channels that will help prevent fraud. We recommend that you take a thoroughly look at the tools that your chosen dating site offer you to get in touch with possible dates.

Don’t rush the dates

Dating sites are a great opportunity to meet people, open conversation and chat about your hobbies, feelings, routine or any other kind of topic. It is a great way to get to know first your possible date, you can chat to get to know each other and sense if there’s a match or even possibly attraction and feelings. It is always said that one of the greatest moments in a relationship is the beginning, getting to know each other, flirting… don’t miss those steps !

Enjoy every moment and don’t try to go too fast, on the contrary make sure that you’re building a strong base and confidence from which anything could be possible !

Never transfer money

If you have already read all the tips on how to write a great profile, you’ve probaby realised that the best attribute is honesty. That is why, when and if you see a profile that seems too good to be true and the person seem really interested in you and quite impatient… then it is probably not true !

There are scams in the online dating webs, even though the majority of trustworthy dating sites spot them very quickly, sometimes some masterminds manage to jump the safety controls to play with the feelings of online users.

The golden rule is to NEVER transfer any money to any possible date. Dating websites are aimed to find love and romance, not to exchange money. Even if your date seems very charming or with financial problems, if he/she is asking for your money, then he/she is probably not looking for your love.