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Dating against your type can result in a great love story

Last Update : August 3, 2016

The romantic ideal is a very powerful dream that has dictated quite often our sentimental lives. Having a preconceived type of person with whom we would have romantic adventures is quite normal, however we tend to limit our lives to our comfort zone hence reducing our possibilities of success in the romantic field.

Have you ever tried to be open minded and to date against your type ?

Types, feelings and dreams change with time

The probable truth is that your type of person might have changed and because you have never dared to « check outside the box » you haven’t probably even noticed it.

Indeed, love and romantic ideals evolve over the years. They are a mixture of our own evolution and development, the influence of our cultural habits (movies, literature, etc.) and the weight of our social circles.

As none of those three elements are motionless, it seems rather natural to think that your type of person might also evolve and change over the years.

Love connections go further (hopefully !) that just ticking the boxes of the characteristics of a certain type of person.

Focusing on a labelled and very defined type of person not only limits our chances of finding love but it also limits our relationships and our dating confidence.

Shyness and insecurities can grow to high levels if we suddenly meet someone we think is completely our type. However, sometimes either we fail to attract them, either we end up disappointment by the lack of attractiveness the person had.

Lack of chemistry perhaps ?

Meeting outside of your comfort zone will result in a dating boost

If you dare to expand your dating circles further than your limited « type of person » you will be significantly increasing your chances to meet a match.

More often than we would like to confess, people tend to choose their « types » based on the wrong reasons.

What is then exactly a « match » ? Is it that person that meets with all our physical and mental preferences ? Can attraction a chemistry be taken into account ?

Daring to date outside your set parameters can result in adventures, nice encounters and positive surprises.

Mr. Or Miss. Right can’t be defined by bullet points (and we should be glad of that !). We all have our uniqueness, our different traits… Dating websites are a great way to experiment, try and explore new territories… why shouldn’t you give it a try ?

Your type of lover might be redefined !