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Dating as Kit Harrington

Last Update : March 1, 2017

Kit Harrington, widely known as Jon Snow has also become known for his romantic approach to life. A romance that caught the attention of all the fans of « Game of Thrones » when him and his girlfriend, Rose Leslie ( Ygritte in the series) made public their love.

Love at first sight under the stars

Apparently love cliches and romantic wisdom are not that far away from reality as we might think sometimes.

In the case of Harrington, it was the stars and the « magic light » of the North in Iceland the responsible of sparkling romance.

Proximity, sharing common experiences and getting to know each other under the starred sky and the natural beauty that some surroundings can offer are a great combination to fall in love.

A mix that perfectly worked for him.

Attraction and closeness : the equation for a lasting relationship

Harington has a vast legion of fans (female fans). The Lord Commander seems however to believe in strong love and lasting relationships.

Romance based on attraction and closeness by embracing the little and private moments. Love built step by step with constancy and determination.

A relationship based in communication and understanding of each other. Harrington seems to be a sweet and romantic kind of lover whom, despite fighting in fiction a bloody war, has always showed his most charming angle. Caring, attentive and willing succumb to the beauty that surrounds us all.

You never know when nature and love will agree to present you a romantic opportunity…like Kit Harrington, you just have to be sure that you don’t miss the chance !

Stay alert and open-minded to love.