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Should you really wait for your soul mate ?

Last Update : October 25, 2016

Our societies have based for centuries the romantic ideal around the term of « soul mate ». That special person, actually THE person that you should wait to turn up at your front door so you can start the perfect love story together and live happily ever after…

But, does this really sound realistic ? Do you really think you should wait for your soul mate ? Do soul mates really exist, and if so, what are they really ?

A social invention with unrealistic goals

More often than it should be, the myth around the soul mate has broken lots of hearts all around the globe.

Added to that, as human beings one of our main common trait is to be nonconformist : we always want more, different things and we never manage to reach contentment : an unavoidable vicious circle.

After all it is well-known that we don’t appreciate something until we lose it…

On the other hand, despite several studies on the capability of perfection in human beings, it seems that we are not able of reaching it yet, so, how could we expect our soul mate to be perfect for us ? Can we expect perfection in love ? And if so, is then the soul mate the idea of perfection ?

If we are actually really looking for perfection in love, then it seems almost prophetic to expect failure. Perfection after all is quite a subjective area when it comes to love. A quality that can vary depending on the person, the situation and especially depending on the mood.

If you try bring some objectivity into the love arena by looking for the perfect scenario in which we would meet the ideal person that would complement us in every single possible way, then following the same logic, we would have to be able to bring some objectivity into ourselves first, if you really want to know the perfect traits that your soul mate should have in order to match with you.

A journey of self-exploration and self-knowledge that is in constant evolution… in which case, do we have one or several soul mates ?

Digital love and romantic matches

Perhaps, instead of trying to go after (or rather waiting for) a soul mate that would bring you happiness, love and passion, you should first set some time aside to properly define what would be a soul mate for you.

What do really expect from your lover ? How would you define your soul mate ?

Online dating sites have become extremely popular because they have managed to widen the possibilities of love. You can actually find several matches which could even result in several soul mates.

The best online dating sites actually ask you to define your soul mate from the very moment of registration : qualities expected from a partner, qualities acquired by yourself, romantic expectations, lifestyle, etc.

A great lesson of life and love : learn to you yourself if you really want somebody to learn about you as well. Learn to share, adapt and understand if you want somebody to do the same with you.

A soul mate will never come if you don’t draw it first. Once you’ve created a clear idea in your head, open the door to the world and welcome love.