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#Video – Clinton vs. Trump supporters: Dates & Politics

Last Update : September 14, 2017

This weekend politics will be the hottest topic to discuss on dates : with the upcoming US elections next Tuesday, single American women have been targeted by specialists as the most political force and their number one voting interest is equal pay for equal work.

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The old times in which it was recommended to avoid at all cost politics on a first date are gone. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by : Singles in America, if you have a good political chat on a first date it could increase your chances of a second date by 91%.

Added to that, the political leanings of your date could help you to organise the perfect date : according to Clinton’s supporters are 120% more likely to drink wine while Trump’s supporters are 79% more likely to drink beer.

This 8th of November more than 40 million of American could be essential in deciding America’s future, and this weekend might be your best chance to have a succesfull date !