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Are you fighting about these things? Your relationship might be doomed

Last Update : February 21, 2017

Who hasn’t dreamt with a long-term relationship? You finally have managed to find somebody to start a relationship with, everything seemed to go ok, but lately you keep on starting fights.

It is said that fights are healthy in a relationship. Right. Although, are all fights healthy?.

Well apparently there are 3 fights that define the future of a relationship… if you are having any of these 3 fights more than once, then you might want to stay alert as your relationship might be doomed!

#1 “We shouldn’t have started to date in the first place”

This one hurts and let’s be honest, it is pretty stupid. If you shouldn’t have started dating in the first place, why did you do it then? It doesn’t make much sense. The truth is that if you started to date someone it is because at that moment you probably thought it was a great decision… the problem behind that sentence and that fight is that the undercover worry of the person is that he/she is not sure he/she wants to continue with that relationship. Yep. And that’s why it hurts.

If your partner ever tells you that sentence, then you should confront him/her and ask him/her if the problem is not what happened in that past, but rather what’s happening in the present…


#2 ” I am tired of fighting… I give up”

This fight tends to happen when one person is more passive and the other one is way more dynamic towards fights.

Things need to be talked, that’s for sure. When things are left untalked, they tend to be stored inside until they explode… however if you have reached a situation in which your partner constantly blames you for starting arguments he/she doesn’t want to participate in, under no reason, then…it might be a bad sign.

A relationship implies committment, and giving up is just the start of decadence in love.

#3 “You are impossible to leave with… I can’t deal with you anymore”

This statement usually comes with the use or overuse of “always” and “nevers”. I would sound like this: ” you are always doing that and it’s impossible to leave with you… you are never doing this , I can’t deal with you anymore”. And yes my friend, ugly words and a bad fate for your relationship.

Nobody in a relationship is perfect, that’s for sure. And learning to accept the other is a base for a long-term relationship.- If your partner has started to blame you for everything, then something’s wrong. Either he/she doesn’t love you, at least not in the same way or he/she already pictures him/herself better without you.

What you have to know for sure is than in a relationship, problems are always a thing of two. Blaming the other one for everything is unfair and a deal breaker. Is your relationship healthy? Measure your words, when it comes to love, certain words can be poisonous darts…