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The power of a kiss in 8 steps

Last Update : February 13, 2017

Kisses are very powerful… they can also be very different from person to person, depending on the feelings, depending on the mood…
The truth is that who hasn’t stored in the most precious place in their memories some of their best kisses.

But did you know some of the most interesting data about kissing ?

According to scientists we kiss to exchange genetic information and therefore gauge if your partner would be a good father/ mother.

Added to that it is said that a kiss can be 10 times stronger than morphine to reduce pain and stress…

#1. When you kiss you exchange 10 million to 1 000 million bacterias : kisses are known to better your inmune system

#2. When you anticipate a kiss, you tend to produce more saliva : a great natural ally for your teeth

#3. Experts have noticed that people tend to kiss differently if they were breastfeeded or not. The reason behind it is that the act of kissing if very similar to the one of babies sucking to get feed.

#4. The term « French kiss » started to be used in English in 1923 as an insult to French culture, thought to be too obsessed with sex.

#5. A passionate kiss burns an average of 6.5 calories/minute… great way to get fit !

#6. A french passionate kiss activates an average of 34 different muscles of your face

#7. Kissing reduces stress and has the same effect that a yoga class.

#8. Romantic kissing exists in 90% of cultures


Kisses can be intimate, passionate, soft, sweet… they are a very important part of Romance, passion and hapiness.

If you are one the lucky one to have found a soul-mate in life you probably have experienced the strenght of kisses.
Kisses can basically turn a bad day into a wonderful one in less than a minute… what are you getting for ?