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Sometimes images and colors are all we need to understand things. After all, it is said that an image is worth a thousand words! In this section you’ll find infographics with the latest trends and the trendiest news in the dating universe. Together with animated videos, you’ll have the chance to discover the dating, relationship and love habits all around the world. Do you know how the dating apps are used in America? Have you wondered about the success of Tinder? Discover our section and enjoy this interactive experience…

The infographic about tinder

#Video – Tinder earns silver at the most searched online dating services

Just five years needed the app Tinder to conquer, and secure its place among the biggest players in the dating industry. The matchmaking platform currently has around 50 million estimated users registered worldwide, so, at some point, you probably have been one of those, or perhaps know someone, who spent[…]