#DatingMyth or reality?

When it comes to love and commitment, some daters are influenced by dating guides or tips from relationship experts that help them to take the most of their romantic experiences. How do people in South Africa date nowadays? In our “Dating myths or reality” chronicles we explore South Africans’ dating and love habits. We will look at several studies, statistics and trends and present you with the most interesting findings from two different perspectives, from men’s and women’s point of view. Our intention is to give you an insight about how people date and love in South Africa in comparison with previous generations.

Dating myth or reality? – Office affairs

There is something exciting about having an affair at the office. Perhaps it is because of the thrills of getting caught by one of your other workmates -in spite you position yourself in a risky situation, if you get caught the consequences can be huge- or perhaps it is because[…]

Dating myth or reality? – Sex on the third date

Getting intimate for the first time with your date is a huge step. If there is sexual chemistry between you two, you will have more chances to make you relationship grow harder, if there is not, it is going to be more difficult to make it survive to the next[…]


Dating myth or reality? – Men should pay dinner on the first date

Let’s set the scene. You are out on a first date with that guy/woman you have met on an online dating site, and it seem that there is real chemistry between you two. The conversation is flowing, the food is delicious, and the company even better! But, the soiree is[…]

Dating Myths or reality: Kissing on the second date

There are people who love to follow certain rules when it comes to dating and romance with the intention to succeed in their amorous life. Others prefer to follow their instincts and let themselves go with the heat of the moment when dating someone new. In our very first “Dating:[…]