Relationship Advice

Being in a relationship can be like a sweet and beautiful dream… but sometimes it is hard to awake to reality. Relationships like everything good in life, require effort and attention. Specially if it is your first relationship or if you are not very secure after some failed relationships. It is very important to have some guides to make sure you’re on the right path or to modify your path before it gets too late. In this category we offer you love and seduction tips to maintain the fire of love in your relationship!

What to do after a breakup?

Recovering after separation is one of the hardest things to do. After spending so much time with their partner, many people find pretty hard to picture their life without that person who was meant to be the one and only one, but who, in the end, it seemed that it[…]


The ultimate guide for long-term relationships in 4 steps

Have you ever watched an elderly couple holding hands in staring at each other with love and you’ve wondered what’s their secret ? Why all you relationships seem to sink even if you try as hard as you can to make it work? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore,[…]

2 basic traits to build a happy relationship

Love and long-term relationships, like almost everything good in life, require work, dedication and patience. However, despite putting a lot of work you might have found yourself in a situation in which your relationship doesn’t seem to evolve while others seem to thrive…- why ? What defines a happy relationship[…]

Venerating personal space in a relationship

Love can be very intense, sometimes perhaps too much. For the sake of showing your love you end up taking all the oxygen in a relationship and love becomes asphyxiating. Love can be a great ally to fight in life, although sometimes if love is not properly grown, it can also[…]

5 tips for lasting relationships

Relationships have changed nowadays. Back in the time they used to be the (only ?) socially accepted way of adult life. If someone wouldn’t have a relationship that would end up in marriage, kids, etc. he/she would be left on the side on society. Hopefully, in our modern societies, being[…]

5 signs that show you are in a healthy relationship

Despite all the tips and advices that you can find on the Internet on how to build (and maintain !) a healthy relationship, the truth is that there isn’t a scientific formula to ensure it ! Having said that, there are however several signs that you should try to spot[…]

The Pro’s and Con’s of dating a younger woman

Dating a younger woman is probably one of the most recurring fantasies for men. Years ago the idea that men in their 50s, in particular those thinking about marrying for the second time, preferred dating women in their 20s or 30s was a common thing, but it was assumed that[…]

Creative ways to make her falling in love with you

When it comes to dating, and relationships, the more original you are, the better it is. Being spontaneous, and giving free rein to your creativity when you have been casually seeing someone for some time is crucial to make the relationship grow stronger. It is never easy to move forward[…]

The Pro’s and Con’s of dating an older man

Does age matter when dating? Few years ago, a study carried by Scottish psychologists showed that financially independent women were attracted to older man.