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Discover our ranking of the best matchmaking websites in South Africa in 2019. These platforms provide efficient personality tests to lead you to the most compatible partners. Take some time to complete their questionnaires and you will not be disappointed. Matchmaking dating websites have increasingly grown over the past few years. They have quickly developed and their popularity is still rising. More and more users and making the most of these powerful algorithms that can quickly and efficiently help you find the special person you are looking for… take a look at our ranking and take control of your romantic life!

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  • Most famous dating site
  • Free Registration
  • 40 million singles worldwide
  • #1 dating App
9.8 / 10
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1'600'000 singles
ideal age30-45


  • High quality profiles
  • Smart matchmaking system
  • Free registration & high user’s activity
9.6 / 10
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980'000 singles
ideal age35+

Matchmaking, a revolutionary concept

When you are looking for a life partner it is very important to find someone with the same values and interests as you. However, we agree, sometimes it might seem a bit hard at first to find a person that would fully complement you in a romantic way.

We believe that the amount of things you have in common with a person has a major impact on the likelihood of forming a successful and lasting relationship. Nowadays matchmaking dating websites are becoming more and more popular hence their proliferation on the web.

But how does an affinity dating site work?

Dating sites use scientific algorithms, the maths algorithms are based on several criteria such as your character, your views, your values, your lifestyle, your interests, your hobbies…

When you start dating someone that has already lots in common with you are actually skipping the first and usually most disappointing steps.

Matchmaking certainly helps your odds in terms of compatibility with a person by giving you the best likelihood to find love and a lasting relationship.

The concept of matchmaking is fairly easy. When registering, you’ll be asked to fill a questionnaire. This questionnaire, depending on the dating website, will ask you about your preferences, your goals and your views on several aspects.

It is very important to take extra time to carefully fill this questionnaire as your chances of finding a good match will strongly depend on this questionnaire.

We also recommend thinking beforehand about the kind of person you are looking for,

What would be his/her characteristics? What would you like to have in common? Are you looking for someone with serious intentions?

What are your main priorities when looking for a partner? If you manage to have a clear insight into your real and honest goals and preferences, you’ll be more likely to fill the questionnaire in the best of the possible ways.

Profile, matchmaking and the attention to detail

Once you have properly filled the questionnaire, you will be asked to create your profile. Your profile will be your public presentation so other singles can get to know you and discover your preferences.

You will probably be amazed at how many singles tend to have the same preferences in life!

Honesty is basic when creating a profile as if you choose to “creatively” fill certain parts, the magic of the matchmaking won’t work and you will only end up meeting people with whom at the end of the day, you’re not really matching with.

That’s why it is very important to always choose updated and accurate profile pictures and to fill your profile with as much detail as you can. Try to explain your preferences and your expectations!

Finding the perfect match!

You are about to start a very exciting adventure! It seems logical but we tend to forget that our preferences, qualities, view, and lifestyle create our own persona.

Love, at first sight, might exist, but it will hardly become a long-lasting relationship (unless the luck has been on your side)! If you are longing for a long-term relationship it means that after all, you’re looking to share your life with someone.

Hence, the importance of having the same affinities for your relationship to work. The matchmaking dating sites will put you in contact with people with similar affinities than you.

Then it will be your turn to chat and communicate with them to start to share your interests, to flirt, get to know each other, perhaps even start to set first dates and if everything seems to be going smoothly: you might even start to build a serious relationship together! Love is in the air, but you have to know how to catch it!

Affinities websites are the newest trends in dating. And not mistakenly so many users are registering to them, the rate of success is really high! Whether your match will end up as a life partner, a love story or a lasting friendship, these matchmaking dating websites succeed in matching people in the most efficient way. Aren’t you very curious?

Try these new technologies of matchmaking, you will probably meet lots of interesting people…and you won’t be disappointed!

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