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Serious Dating

Serious dating sites remain to this day the most popular kind of dating platform.
Probably because they promise a reassuring concept: helping you find your perfect match.
These websites are dedicated to those who want to build a meaningful long-term relationship in South Africa.

Below, you can find our ranking of the best serious dating sites in South Africa in 2020. These websites are based on specific compatibility tests which assess members’ personality, their lifestyle, interests, and aspirations. More than an indicator to reach potential partners, it gives you an idea of how relationships would best work for you. Ready?

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  • High quality profiles
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980'000 singles
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What are serious dating websites?

Serious dating websites are meant for you to find your perfect match, indeed you can just invest time in getting to know someone who is actually seeking the same as you: a serious relationship.

Finding singles with serious intentions is not such an easy task, but these websites make it so much easier for you and they have actually shown it over the years. Their popularity is not by luck, serious dating websites have successfully managed to form many couples that have praised those platforms for the assistance they provided in their search for love.

To help you select the most interesting dating site for you, we have selected the best and most efficient dating websites in South Africa.

Our selection has been based on different criteria from the quality of the members‘ profiles, their reactivity, to the website atmosphere, honesty, and security.

Online dating plays nowadays a huge role in our modern society based on communication and they definitively are the right place to start looking for love. Many online sites have managed to lead a high amount of singles to serious long-lasting relationships.

Make your choice among our ranking below and get ready to find your loved one. It is easier than you think!

8 rules for Serious Dating:

1- Be honest about your intentions, both to yourself and to the others: you must be really ready for a serious long-lasting relationship.

2- Patience is a virtue: finding love might take longer than you first expected.

3- Create a short, clear and welcoming online profile without putting yourself down, you can always ask a friend to help!

4- Choose a great and honest picture of yourself

5- Don’t be afraid to be selective: select a few profiles, invite them to get in touch with you. Remember you have the right to say no to someone if you are not interested in.

6- Start smoothly and take your time to get to know the person through email and chat before asking for a face-to-face meeting or a date

7- Try to evaluate the common aspirations and interests you have, don’t speak about problems. Try to always keep a pleasant conversation.

8- Once you feel it, offer to go out for a coffee or a drink to meet in real life. Take things slowly, the relationship is just beginning…

Finding a single with serious intentions is easy with our ranking of the Best dating websites

We have created our ranking in order to help singles through the daze of the Internet and the dating websites. Despite the vast offer and variety of dating websites, not all of them are of the best quality.

Safety, easiness, features, and quality of profiles are especially important when you are looking to find a good match which would perhaps give you the option of starting a long-term relationship.

Those are the elements we exactly took into account in our ranking. Our team of experts was in charge of doing a series of strict test, all performed anonymously in order to gauge the quality and the performance of the website.

We believe that safety is very important in digital territories, that is why we have solely ranked the websites we thought were more competent and safest.

Protection of data has to be taken seriously and you always have to keep in mind that despite the safety of some of the dating websites, you remain responsible for not sharing your personal details with anybody on the chats…

Profiles, matches, affinities, and love!

It is very important to put a lot of attention to detail when creating your profile. You have to keep in mind that other users will have access to your profile from which they will try to imagine how you are and if they like the sound (and the look) of you.

The serious dating websites stated in our ranking have profiles of great quality, a key factor that strongly impacts on the efficient and accuracy of the possible matches you could find.

Romance can be easily boosted. And if you are looking for a love story, romantic getaways and a long-term lasting relationship, this is your place… at the end of the day, all the other users of these serious dating websites will be looking for the same thing than you! It’s time to make the jump!

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