FAQ & tips

We have gathered below the answers to the frequently asked questions to help you in your search for the best dating website.

In addition to that, you will find in our website a complete guide to dating with tips and guidance on how to create your profile, how to get in touch with other users and on how to avoid the most common scams.


What’s a Dating website ?

Dating websites have witnessed a very fast growth in the last years with the development of Internet and the technology. Thank to these improvements, Dating websites have been able to turn into powerful digital tools to make simpler the lives of millions of singles. Dating websites tend to have different categories to help you look through the different options in order to efficiently target the option that would suit you the best.

Indeed, Dating websites have created competent and dynamic communication tools to get in touch with other single people according to the wishes and the criteria of the user.

Before starting your search is very important for you to double check what kind of relationship you are looking for, as it will strongly determine the king of Dating website that would fit better with your expectations.


Why do I have to register before ?

Dating is our modern (and very fast) societies is not an easy task due to lack of time, amongst other reasons. That is why dating websites have become so popular as it makes easier to find a special person without interfering with you normal life and responsibilities.

Dating websites have made possible to meet lots of different people while breaking the barriers separating space and time.

Just by clicking you can choose people that share the same interests than you, people that have the same passions than you and most importantly, people that are also after the same kind of romantic relationship as you. Every day more and more users are joining these dating websites, why shouldn’t you ?


Are the dating websites safe and serious ?

All of the websites we have ranked in our website have passed through strict tests to verify their safety. All of them ask verification email and card number to its users to be able to enjoy its services. This method is a very secured way of avoiding frauds and scams.

On top of that, almost all the dating websites have an extra layer of security that you can adjust from your profile.

However, and despite all these measures, dating websites can’t 100% guarantee the good faith of all its users, that is why it is wise to always be careful when you surf a dating website.

If you’re going to meet up with another user, make sure you choose a public space and you let your family or friends know about your arrangement. Another very important rule to remember is to never share you bank account or address with other users.


Why do Dating websites charge for a fee ?

It is true there are also free of charge dating websites, but it is very important to know the different between both types of websites in order to make the best choice. The dating websites that are not free do(usually or in most of the cases) have the option to register or free and to use its services (although with limits). In that sense, if the user is enjoying the services that have the option of being charged in exchange of fully using all the different features of the dating websites.

Although it might be tempting to register into a free dating website, they can never ensure the same quality level nor the same quality in profiles and security as the dating websites that charge for a fee. These latest websites are able to attract more serious users that are really keen to look for serious relationships. They also tend to have more tools.


Is it possible to register to several websites at the same time ?

There is no limit to the number of websites you can register to. However, you have to keep in mind that when you register to several websites it might become more difficult to use as you will have to juggle between different websites.

It is more efficient to register to one dating websites and focus on all its services. That’s why we recommend you to choose THE best dating website for you so you can make the most of it.


How to stand out and get noticed ?

Dating websites are a great meeting point for single people that are willing to take their romantic life a step further. That is why it is quite important to think beforehand about the kind of relationship you’re looking for so you can use the tools at you advantage. Once you have decided what you are after, there are very simple rules to follow. The first one is to put extra care on your profile. Make sure you only post recent pictures that reflect reality. Careful with Photoshop ! It is also always better to write a short although accurate and efficient description rather than starting to write a novel. Be always honest ! You won’t gain any points by exaggerating the truth on your profile. The most important is for you to create a good and attractive sum up of your persona in your profile.


How can I get in touch with other users ?

Once you have registered and created your profile, everything will be set up to start your online dating adventure ! You’ll have to be very attentive as you won’t have second chances to start conversations. Try to avoid the clichés such as « Hello, how are you doing ? » But instead try to be as original as you can and write a personalised message. A good idea could be to start a conversation by explaining what attracted you from the other’s person profile.

Don’t copy and paste messages but try to adapt your messages to every user you get in touch with. Do also put extra attention on the spelling !

Getting in touch with other users is one of the most exciting moments of the online dating universe. It’s always great to meet new people that are actually looking the same thing than you’re looking for !


How to avoid online scams ?

There is a phenomenon known as the « serial lover » that is quite common on the dating websites. That’s why it is very important to learn how to quickly identify it and how to avoid it. These « serial lovers » are never looking for something serious. It is actually quite easy to find them as they usually have a big number of contacts on their profiles and they start conversation with generic speeches.

This phenomenon is also usually related to the « advanced fee scam » that consists on men – usually from Ivory Coast or other African countries – creating false profiles to try to flirt with people and extort their money.

To avoid this scam the general rule is that if you see a profile that seems to good to be true, it’s because it’s probably a false profile. The golden rule is to never share your bank details or your address with any user.


What are the criteria used to create the ranking of the best dating websites ?

The ranking of our website is based on a series of tests and evaluations done by our expert’s team. All our tests have been done anonymously to double check that all the dating websites in our ranking correspond to our criteria. Our criteria is based on the following elements : registration process, profile’s organisation, search and communication tools.

We have analized as well the different fees offered by the dating websites together with its security, customer service and the percentage of users and the ratio women/men.

We have also put special attention into the ease of use and the usability of the website, its originality, efficiency and the different features that the dating websites offer to match users.

We have gathered all these elements into four different categories : the quality of the profiles, the efficiency of the websites, customer service and the main features. Considering these four elements together we have assigned a graded evaluation to each of the websites which determines its position on the ranking.

In addition, we also have decided not to include the websites that had a very low grade with the aim of creating a ranking with the best dating websites in South Africa.

We are constantly updating our ranking to continuously verify the quality of the ranked websites.