About us

Internet plays a big role in our social lives, facilitating our ways to keep in touch with friends, it is inevitable that it also help us to run our love lives as well. The only matter is that facing the number of online dating websites on the Web, most users feel totally lost, wondering how to find the website which would suits them best.
Consequently, we dedicated our service to help you. We reviewed the most approved online dating sites in South Africa and ranked them based on our experiences and tests on these dating sites. Our goal is to propose you a clear and significant classification based on authentic user experience.
Even if this ranking cannot be absolutely objective, we are confident it offers a representative overview of the most trustful online dating sites which can be found on the web today.

We invite you to browse our ranking, to take a look on our reviews and make your own opinion. We wish our ranking will lend you a helping hand in your search for Miss or Mister Right. Good luck!
We are at your disposal for any requests or suggestions you may have: [email protected]