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Venerating personal space in a relationship

Last Update : November 9, 2016

Love can be very intense, sometimes perhaps too much. For the sake of showing your love you end up taking all the oxygen in a relationship and love becomes asphyxiating.

Love can be a great ally to fight in life, although sometimes if love is not properly grown, it can also become one of the worst enemies of individuality and personal space.

Hence, the importance of venerating personal space for healthy and independent relationships :

How important is personal space in a relationship ?

Personal space is a very important element for a healthy relationship and a healthy state of mind. Romantic movies hasn’t help with this matter by portraying extreme love stories in which real love would mean almost breathing at the same time, becoming the same person and eventually losing your individuality in the name of love : becoming one person.

However, let’s be realistic, if you are looking for a long-term relationship and you don’t consider personal space as one of the main elements to keep in mind on a daily basis, your relationship would probably be doomed.

Added to that, space increases intimacy and desire. You might wonder how : desire actually starts from the distance and the more the distance is shortened the more desire grows.

Following this logic, intimacy becomes the reward of space : intimacy can only be enjoyed if there are two different people sharing in a given time a special time together.

The importance of life outside of your partner

Indeed, never leave on the side your personal life when you start a new relationship. Although it is a common mistake it is also one of the main reasons breakups are so hard : suddenly you realize that you don’t have life beyond your partner.

If you want to make sure that you are building a healthy relationship, this is one of the first step to take into account. There should be time for you, time for him/her and time for both of you.

Fight for your individuality and celebrate your circle of friends outside of your partner.

If you respect each other’s personal space, you will be ensuring more chances to succeed in your long-term romantic relationship.