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How to attract more

Last Update : July 27, 2016

Seduction is a complex art. Some people are like magnets while others the try and try to attract… without avail.

Attracting somebody is always a very flattering feeling. It boosts your self esteem and if the attraction is reciprocal, you will welcome an intense sensation of well being.

¿Why doesn’t like to attract ?

Below we recommend some tricks to maximize your chances to attract while enhancing your charm…

# Use mime

According to a study by the University of New York in 1999, there’s an important psychological aspect to the act of miming gestures as it has a strong connection with attraction.

This so-called « chameleon effect » refers to the unconscious attraction that a person may feel for another person when the last one, consciously or unconsciously, mime gestures or expressions of the first person.

Subtlety is very important as if instead of miming someone would copy gestures in an exaggerated manner, the whole situation and atmosphere might turn quite awkward.

On the contrary, it is always more interesting to spend as much time as you can with the other person (to create a feeling of familiarity), be very attentive and subtly, mime his/her gestures and expressions.

According to the findings of the study, the chosen person will be more likely to feel attraction towards you.

# Measure your compliments

A good compliment can brighten the day. Is a sweet melody for the ears. Who doesn’t like to get a compliment ?

Although, when compliment are said too often and they are too repetitive they can have the opposite effect.

Psychologists refer to the effect of « the spontaneous transparency of the characteristics traits » to describe the effect that saying compliments can have on a person. This effect refers to the fact that when somebody describes a person with specific traits in a specific manner, the same speaking person will be associated with those positive or negative traits.

So if you talk about the kindness and humour of your friend James, you will probably be also associated to those two traits.

# Good mood and « the reciprocity of attracting »

It has probably already happened to you : you’ve put you eye on someone suddenly because you found out that that person was actually interested in you.

This phenomenon happens quite often and it is always a very efficient trick to never hide when you like another person as it is very probably that the other person will start to be attracted to you as soon he/she realises you have interest in her/him.

Having a positive attitude and good mood is also an essential ingredient for attraction. Generally speaking people tend to be quite sensitive, unconsciously to the moods in their surroundings.

If you’re in a bad mad, chances are you will create bad energy in the atmosphere. On the contrary if you are in a good mood you will put all the energy on your side to create the best surrounding to boost seduction and attraction.