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How to identify a guy that’s REALLY available?

Last Update : March 16, 2016

You’ve just registered on a dating site and now hope to find real love. You’ve browsed through the profiles of some handsome men on your favourite dating platform and have been chatting to a few of them for a couple of days now. The only problem is that even on dating sites, not all the hearts are available to take. From the smooth talkers to the guys that still flirt with their exes it can be difficult to filter through who is really available for a relationship and who isn’t.

Luckily our team is use to distinguishing profiles of guys that reliable and those who will waste your time. Here are some tips to help you find a serious man on a dating site:

  • He’s been single for a while now (but not too long, there might be some other problem there)
  • He no longer hangs around his ex: “We’re friends,” does not work, an ex remains an ex that is to say a rival to who he was attracted to, especially physically.
  • He no longer lives with his parents. A serious man is first and foremost an independent man who knows how to take responsibility and wants to invest himself into a serious relationship
  • He’s already had at least one long-term relationship, and therefore knows what to expect
  • He is not too insistent: dating chats have the advantage of allowing you to get an initial idea of his character. If he is too eager to meet straight away and isn’t bothered about chatting and getting to know you first, then there is no need to continue. A guy too eager is rarely serious!
  • He doesn’t cancel plans with you. Especially at the last minute, that is never a good sign.
  • He adjusts his schedule depending on yours and makes himself available to see you: a great proof of his interest in you.
  • He doesn’t agree with EVERYTHING you say. Being 100% compatible is a little too much and reeks of lies. Run!

In short, to identify a serious man who is seriously available on a dating site, make sure it fills as much of the above criteria as possible. A man ready for a stable relationship will not appear in your arms after a few virtual exchanges, because if he is also searching for the love of his life, he will take the time to make sure he gets it right and picks the right woman for him. Love at first sight exists so don’t completely dismiss everyone based on these tips, however they will help you eliminate the majority of suitors on a dating site who just aren’t looking for the same thing or aren’t right.